Under general direction monitors, adjusts, and records performance of site equipment and systems during Drawdown Fill operations. Conducts visual inspection of system equipment components including site piping, pump pads, caverns, storage tanks, meter station, and fire protection to ensure such systems are aligned per approved configuration and properly maintained from a safety and environmental standpoint. Records inspection results, advises supervision of any inappropriate findings, and with concurrence from supervision, takes necessary action to correct any deficient findings Under general direction prepares systems equipment for Maintenance and or Contractor activities including system depressurization and evacuation. Operates support equipment including vacuum truck, portable pumps and tanks as needed to prepare systems prior to and during maintenance contractor work. Assists as directed with Safe Work Permitting including gas testing, installation and removal of locks and tags, and monitors maintenance and or contractor activities to ensure work is done in accordance with Safe Work Permit instructions. Completes Operator Requirement Checks, records findings, corrects findings as capable, and generates work requests on discrepancies. Supports oil quality and quantity programs by gauging storage tanks, obtaining meter and totalizer readings, obtaining samples, documenting and maintaining associated records. Under general direction performs duties of Emergency Response Team (ERT) member during actual emergency incidents and training sessions, to include responses to fires, hazardous materials incidents, oil spills, and medical emergencies within the levels of training provided. Maintains vehicles, portable light plants, and generators as directed. . May be required to periodically backfill other operations positions as deemed necessary by management to fulfill mission. REQUIRMENTS: Associates Degree Process Operating Technology from accredited school OR 2 years of experience in an oil and gas plant type environement. Must be able to perform physically-demanding tasks during emergency operations and training sessions. Must be physically and mentally capable of successfully qualifying for and maintaining qualifications, and performing duties as a member of the Emergency Response Team. Effective written and oral communication skills and good math aptitude are required.