Occidental Petroleum Well Performance Spec - Prod in Odessa, Texas

Title: Well Performance Spec - Prod Location: United States-Texas-Odessa Other Locations:

Occidental Petroleum Corporation is an international oil and gas exploration and production company with a subsidiary (OxyChem) that is a major North American chemical manufacturer. As one of the largest oil and gas companies in the U.S., we continually strive to be one of the best in the business. Our greatest asset has been, and will continue to be, our people. We are looking for an experienced and motivated individual to fill the position of Well Analyst within our Permian Resources group based in Midland/Odessa, Texas.

This position is for an individual with strong math and science background. The job duties of this position will include but are not limited to the following:

Communicate well exceptions to operations – alarms, RT/Cycle Deviations. Manage all aspects of POC optimization – implement set point changes, adjust base daily RT/cycles, SPM changes, FL shots, etc. with input from Production Engineers. Upload/Download set point changes between Host & RTU. Work closely with ESP Tech to diagnose, troubleshoot, & resolve ESP operational issues. Responsible for accurate & timely well tests – validate all well tests. Capture & report downtime. Remotely start/stop wells as required for operations (routine ops, emergency response, etc.). Recommend & schedule hot watering, chemical treatments, rig less jobs, etc. while communicating with surface/DH Lead. Participate in well reviews. Communicate optimization/operational issues to PE’s (high FL’s, paraffin, ESP issues, etc.). Monitor SWD wells to insure max infectivity in an effort to control/reduce Opex.

Support troubleshooting activities – L&T/PA Tests, respace, tag to restore PA, etc. Initiate well repair cases in WTS, move jobs from PLANNED to APPROVED status when ready. Participate in well failure reviews & provide well history/feedback to PE’s as requested. *NOTE: LiftWPS’s to provide additional subject matter expertise during failure reviews & lift design. Oversee rig downs, update well configuration in LOWIS. Move LOWIS Jobs from IN PROGRESS to COMPLETE – Upload IST/Tour documentation.

Perform fluid level and dynamometer work on problem wells, wells that the well analyst needs assistance on, as well as new horizontal wells with gas interference issues. Perform troubleshooting and diagnose downhole problems on wells prior to moving the rig over the well such as:

Valve leakage test on rod pumps

Ensure proper pump spacing

Confirm all surface equipment is operating properly (Ex: check valve flow line and casing pressures)

Monitor well with fluid level data to measure inflow into wellbore

Utilize echo meter equipment to validate casing or tubing issues

Backup Assigned Well Operations Analyst as needed

Teach and mentor less experienced surface team Production Technicians on

Good fluid level shooting techniques

Dynamometer interpretation on the Sams POC’s

Proper setup and troubleshooting POC alarms and parameters

Echo meter equipment troubleshooting

Gas Engine setup and operation

Responsible for coordinating beam related field activities

Ensure every well with a POC is properly configured to allow accurate downhole card analysis and is operating with no hardware defects

Ensure accurate and timely well tests are obtained

Validate well tests & troubleshoot variances

Responsible for day-to-day operations such as, shut in and start wells, chemical treatments, rig less jobs, etc.

Direct field-based well failure activities; identify, validate, and react to well failures

Direct Field Techs to well issues as appropriate

Execute displacement changes (SL, SPM)

Coordinate maintenance of POCs

Resolve well and hardware alarms

Coordinate resolution of problems with Field Techs

Identify and resolve production deviations

Participate in operational planning meetings

Attend well and pattern reviews

Attend integrated solutions meetings and interact with engineers.

High School diploma or GED

Strong math skills

Excellent organizational skills

Proven analytical and troubleshooting skills

Excellent interpretation knowledge of production plots

Interpretation of Dynamometer cards and ESP pump curves

Proficient in Microsoft Office with strong Excel and Power Points skills

Knowledge of LOWIS,WSM, Maximo, Graphworx, OFM

Team player with strong interpersonal skill set

Self starter with the ability to work independently and meet the objectives of the job and the team. Additional desired qualifications:

2 years of college with a math/science focus. Oxy is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/Disabled/Veteran