RUKHI CORPORATION Operations Manager in HOUSTON, Texas

Responsible for operations and management of the Company's distribution of fuel and related petroleum products to independent dealers. Building and managing client relationships including the management of internal and external communications regarding client engagement. Assessing company financial and staffing documentation to make determinations and recommendations regarding streamlining efficiencies and improving profits. Ensuring company compliance with operational policies and requirements from Shell Oil Company. Handling the operations and management of the company's distribution of field and related petroleum products to independent dealers. Communicating with the company's four gas stations and Eleven Dealers regarding daily transactions as well as situations needing resolution, such as pump issues, inventory issues, vendor issues, or network issues. Communicating with potential new dealers with fuel contracts expiring and negotiating new business deals to supply fuel as well as help in rebranding processes. Handling remote access of the company's passport system, a point of sale system used at all gasoline and convenience stores for daily cash and credit transactions. Maintaining the Passport system by removing unwanted data that need to be cleared daily. Communicating with the company's eleven dealers and advising them of supply management. Performing monthly reconciliation of ending inventory for convenience-store items. Troubleshooting network problems and ensuring that they are resolved either by performing necessary network fixes or engaging and overseeing a vendor to carry out repairs. Monitoring ATM balances from daily reports received from merchants. Overseeing the reloading of cash machines when ATM's go below $15,000. Managing and overseeing ATM technical support personnel for scheduled maintenance, service and repair issues. Ensuring that all ATM transactions are accounted for, balanced, charged to proper accounts, and processed. Managing the reconciliation of credit card settlements and invoices. Preparing daily outstanding settlement reports in the system and mailing them to dealers for settlement. Preparing invoices for dealer's records. Settling balances owed and due through the Company's online banking system. Reviewing and monitoring outstanding invoices and approving and forwarding them to the accounts department for payment. Detecting and resolving network issues within stations and implementing necessary software and hardware updates. Maintaining current IT environments as well as implementing new technologies to all Company-owned stores and dealer sites. Preparing account reporting for the management of day-to-day flow and cash allocation towards the various services offered and rendered within the convenience stores at each station. Preparing and presenting reports highlighting important points from proposed deals with wholesalers and Shell representatives in order to present the value of the proposal. Negotiating deals with dealers, writing up contracts, developing, maintaining and managing relations with all station employees, managers, Shell representatives, and potential clients. Ensuring that appropriate contracts and agreements are drafted for each new gasoline dealer. Representing the company at mandatory Shell meetings. Communicating the Company's objectives, presenting information, and answering questions about all aspects of the Company's financial and operational conditions. Implementing the customer value program at all stations. Ensuring that all stations and dealer stations maintain timely compliance with government/city/county/ license and permit requirements to ensure the Company's smooth operations. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Highs schools diploma/GED and five (5) years of experience in operations management, including three (3) years in customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).