RAIL WASHRACK OPERATOR AND TRACK SWITCHMAN About Us: SGS Petroleum Service Corporation (PSC) is a growing company with a proud tradition of excellence in providing product handling, operations, and logistics support at major oil refineries, chemical plants, and storage terminals in the United States and Canada. We are leaders in tankering barges, operating docks, switching railcars, operating warehouses, and loading and unloading tank cars and tank trucks with a variety of oil products and chemicals. We offer competitive wages, advancement opportunities, and industry-leading training and safety programs. Our excellent benefits package helps employees and their families maintain health, save money, and prepare for the future. At SGS PSC, we are a family-oriented company that fuels integrity, teamwork, and ambition. Our mission is to simply be the best at what we do and be recognized as the best. Benefits: Key benefits and services offered (depending on eligibility) include affordable options for medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance; matching 401(k) plan; employee discounts; industry-leading training and leadership development programs; paid sick leave, vacations, and holidays; safety incentives and bonuses; and much more. Primary Responsibilities: Safely cleans material out of railcars, performs railcar switching and track mobile operations. Department/Job Function: 61U Reporting to: Plant Supervisor, SGS PSC Exempt or Non-Exempt: Non-exempt Hourly or Salary: Hourly Specific Responsibilities: Inspects all cars to assure bottom outlets are closed, capped and secure. Verifies track is clear of all technicians, equipment, and de-railers before moving cars into the wash rack before activating the car puller. Moves cars to wash rack with the car puller or trackmobile. Rides on outside of moving railcars. Drives forklift. After opening all hatch covers, inspects all hatches for excessive polyethylene. If excessive poly is found, applies ribbons to grab irons, top and bottom. Communicates findings with dispatch to have rail crew weigh the car. Closely monitors water level in the trench before and while washing. Ensures the water tank is at 60% or above prior to beginning washing. Installs wash heads and lower heads with air hoist. Centers heads with opening in hopper car. Inspects tubes on cars for pellets, excessive water or other contaminates. Shakes valves to ensure no contaminates remain. If necessary, rinses tubes with water or blow with air. Inspects cars for cleanliness and performs lining inspection. Applies plugs; closes, latches, and seals hatch covers. Performs any required top of hopper car maintenance and document all repairs. Removes debris from ends of hopper cars. Completes documentation of cars washed or rejected on hopper car wash report. Coordinates with switch crew to remove cleaned cars and spot dirty for washing. Connects and operates car puller or trackmobile. Keeps area clean, performs daily housekeeping wash rack and trailer. Sweeps, mops, and dumps trash cans. Maintains inventory of parts for hopper cars. Any other duties that may be assigned in order to complete the assigned task. Skills/Qualifications: Must have the ability to speak, write, read, hear and have good vision. Must be able to work outside in environmental conditions which at times include extreme heat or extreme cold. Must be able to wear all required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) without restriction and pass any medical examination associated with the use of said PPE. The physical requirements for a loader include the following: Lift 50 pounds floor to waist, push and pull 50 pounds horizontally, carry 20 pounds while walking, climb stairs, climb ladders, extend arms through normal range of motion while standing and squatting. Minimum Job Requirements: 18 year